aOS LoireValley – Summer Tour 2017 

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Last summer week in France, several MVP had a fantastic 3 days trip in the French Loire Valley. First stop was in the most visited castle in Europe, Chambord. Then trip involved in Orléans then Tours, along the Loire river. This was the first 3 days conference organized by the community, more than a hundred participants came out to see and share experiences. 


This amazing trip was organized by the aOS (Azure, Office 365, SharePoint) community, and featured 28 sessions on Microsoft Technologies, including Office 365, Flow, Cognitive Services, Typescipt and Azure. 

During these days, 8 MVP where implicated, talking about their heart technical favorite subject. 4 nationality speakers where involved. Each day, Patrick Guimonet enlighted the audience with his magical way to introduce technology. We also especially had a fantastic time when we reborn Leonard de Vinci inside the Chambord Castle, thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Services. 

Discover some of the best moments here and all the slides here ! 



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